• Hey it's ME (Moriah Elizabeth). FAQ'S What editing program do you use? Adobre Premiere Pro CC What camera do you film with? Panasonic GH4 What ethnicity are you? My mom is white, my dad is peruvian/italian How old are you? 24 Did you make Create This Book? Yes! I wrote it, illustrated it and published it myself. It is sold on ____CONTACT ME____ FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: ____MAIL ME____ For sending squishies, Letters, or general fan mail, please contact: FANMAIL@MORIAH.VIDEO to request my P.O. box address :) •FOR SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE! Unfortunately I can only respond to a small amount of people each week. This is to make sure that I get a reasonable amount of mail and can feature the maximum amount on camera. I apologize in advance if you do not hear back from me. This email get SUPER clogged with thousands of messages. SORRY PEEPS!*
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